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Our research is designed to help advisers navigate the new retirement freedoms to target better outcomes for their clients.  The BirthStar® Research Series papers are triple accredited by leading industry bodies - the IFP, PFS and PMI.

Each of our CPD modules is an Assigned Reading written by our experts that focuses on a particular aspect of investment or behavioural science, with a specific focus on retirement investing.  Each paper is structured around 3 Learning Objectives divided into 15 Learning Outcome Statements to help readers focus on key points.

Summary version of each paper are included in the Learning Outcome Review (LOR).  For advisers want to convert the module to structured learning, there is an online test.  To view the modules, visit the CPD page.

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About our experts

Shweta Agarwal


Shweta Agarwal, Ph.D.

Shweta Agarwal is Head of Behavioural Insights at BirthStar®. Shweta holds a PhD in Management Science (Decision Sciences) at the London School of Economics which was sponsored by the AXA Research Fund. Shweta completed her M.A.St in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge as a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar in 2006 and her BSc with Honours (Distinction) at the University of Mumbai in 2005. From 2008 to 2013, Shweta worked periodically as a Quantitative and Behavioural Finance Consultant at Barclays, conducting research for global strategic and tactical asset allocation models as well as building wealth simulation and risk rating tools. Until 2012, Shweta was a Quantitative Analyst at Decision Technology performing analysis for market research projects.  QCF Level 8.

Henry Cobbe  

Henry Cobbe, CFA

Henry Cobbe is Managing Director and Head of Research at BirthStar®. Henry graduated with a first class MA(Hons) degree from the University of Edinburgh and since 1999 worked at leading investment managers including Schroders plc, Thames River Capital LLP and as a partner at Nevsky Capital LLP. Henry is an IMC holder since 2000 and a CFA charterholder since 2004.  In 2012, Henry set up BirthStar® to research develop technology-based investment propositions centered around the application of Behavioural and Lifecycle Finance.  QCF Level 7.

Ranye Lu  

Ranye Lu, M.Sc.

Ranye started working with BirthStar® 2012 on Quantitative Research. Ranye previously worked as a Quantitative Analyst for AXA Hedging Services, Paris where he analysed and developed a Rho Convexity Hedging Strategy using Swaptions, and then as a Trader Assistant for AXA GIE. Ranye programmed a stress-test system for pricing Variable Annuity Products, and also developed several engines (C++, VBA, C#) for Options, Swaps, and Swaptions, while working at AXA. Ranye recently completed a double degree at the EDHEC Business School Financial Economics Masters programme (Masters in Management and MSc in Risk and Investment Management). QCF Level 7.